Circle of sustainability

Circle of sustainability

There has been a much greater focus placed on sustainability issues in recent years. The area has taken on a more direct connection to profitability and business models, partly because sustainability is closely linked to the company’s long-term competitiveness, and partly because it’s often linked with reduced costs in production itself.

Seco Tools is working with sustainability in an active and structured way. We want to recycle as much raw material as possible, steadily increase the efficiency of our processes, and continue to reduce our waste and our consumption of energy and water. We introduced the Green Fund four years ago, into which we set aside money every year. We are, therefore, able to finance new investments and projects aimed at strengthening our sustainability work.

Furthermore, sustainability often comes in when we help our customers to analyze their production processes. When we propose measures that increase the efficiency of a customer’s production system, the customer gets a more sustainable profile as a result – at the same time as reducing their costs.


Three trends in sustainability

Circular economy

There’s an increasingly strong trend for a global ‘circular economy’, whereby companies look at their operations as cycles rather than as linear processes with a start and a finish. The key words are: reuse, reduce, and recycle. Seco is working increasingly according to this philosophy.

Water: a scarce resource

In many locations, water is a scarce resource that increasingly has a price set on it. As a result, the consumption and recycling of water is something that companies need to focus more on in terms of processes, with a view to saving both money and water.

UN sustainability goals

Companies and industries must now start meeting the UN’s 17 sustainability goals and the goals set at the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. We see these goals as an opportunity to actually show how much and in what ways we are contributing to global change.

Interview by Per-Ola Knutas
Illustration by Christoffer Pettersson

Susanne Evergård

Susanne Evegård Manager Sustainable Business, Seco Tools


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