High-flying energy

High-flying energy

Wind energy company Altaeros Energies has proposed a novel solution to supplying energy to remote communities and construction sites: the company wants to create Buoyant Airborne Turbines (BATs) – floating, helium-filled wind power stations that would hover 300 metres above the ground, converting wind energy to electricity. Each unit could power about a dozen homes. A commercial version of the devices is now being developed.

Helical T4-08

Helical T4-08 is the latest addition to Seco’s range of helical cutters designed for cast iron and steel machining. It also performs well when applied in aggressive metal-cutting operations, such as with titanium alloys, often found in turbines for the wind power industry.




Turbo10 is a new high-performance cutting tool for square shoulder milling and helical milling, with improved tool life and precision. Other Seco square shoulder and helical milling products in the Turbo range include Turbo 06 (insert size 6mm), Turbo 12 (insert size 12mm), and Turbo 18 (insert size 18mm).




This new grade is available in a variety of positive geometries for square shoulder milling, face milling, copy milling and high-feed milling in titanium applications.



Building you own flying power plant?

In EDGE’s Possibilities section, we look at some of the world’s more interesting curiosities and the Seco tools that can be implemented to help construct them.

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See more images of the Altaeros BAT in the EDGE iPad app.

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