Patrick de Vos

How can Seco’s digital services help me?

Patrick de Vos, Corporate Technical Education Manager at Seco Tools Group, answers your questions about machining.

In the past, machinability models were rather simple, and applying them practically was easy. But the value of such models in modern machining is questionable, as theory is not always in line with practice. Modern machinability models are based on state-of-the-art research and describe very accurately the reality of the machining process and all the interactive elements within it. But, the mathematical models describing these machinability models are no longer easy to apply ‘manually’. Adding to the problem is the broad range of different tools available for various machining applications, meaning manually selecting the most appropriate tool is a time-consuming exercise.

This is where Seco’s digital services, such as MyPages and Suggest, come in handy. Both provide customers with access to Seco’s huge databases, with information on the suitability and the selection models of the different tools. Customers can also use the machinability engine to determine the best cutting conditions for the tool selected. The engine brings together all the state-of-the-art machinability models for describing machining processes.

Seco Suggest is one of the best software tools available for cutting data determination. It is one of only a few of these types of tools that provides users with the potential to work actively with the desired tool life for the cutting edge.

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