Haet Lo

Pushing the boundaries

Businessman Haet Lo heads a thriving machinery parts operation in northern Taiwan. His business philosophy is simple: flexibility, passion and responsiveness. These are values that also sync well with Seco’s approach.

When I started with Shie Ming Machinery as a driver 24 years ago, I never imagined that one day I would swap the seat of my delivery truck seat for a chair behind the manager’s desk. I’ve done nearly every job in this organisation and understand the role that listening and learning play in achieving optimal results.

This approach is paying handsome dividends. Since taking the helm of the company in 2001, I’ve reduced our reliance on ICT products and secured a sizeable slice of the regional glass bottle mould business. I’ve also secured a firm foothold in the aircraft parts market with GE Aviation.

DMG machines are the lifeblood of this business. We had one in 2006, 18 by the end of 2014 and are aiming for 38 by 2017. Seco is a central part of this growth. They take care of our machines and always provide high-quality parts at a moment’s notice.

The secret of Shie Ming’s success is our ability to meet the needs of customers and keep abreast of industry developments. Seco is the same. If we have a problem, they have a solution. If we need service, they are by our side morning, noon and night. Exploring fresh frontiers in the aircraft parts business is a major component of our future business plan, and we look forward to working closely with Seco in achieving this goal.

By John Scott Marchant Photo by Chung Shih-wei


Age: 44

Job: Manager of Shie Ming Machinery Co. Ltd.

Location: Miaoli County, Taiwan

Family: Married with two daughters

Hobbies: Cycling, eating Hakka cuisine, following Formula One, hiking and travel

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration at Asia-Pacific Institute of Creativity, Taiwan.


Read more about Shie Ming Machinery Co. Ltd. at en.shieming.com.tw

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