SpaceX rocket

The first reusable rocket

Space technology company SpaceX has taken the trend of recycling to space.

The recycling trend has now reached space. While most rockets are designed to burn up on reentry, California-based space technology company SpaceX is developing rockets designed not only to withstand reentry but also to return to the launch pad for a vertical landing.

In March 2014, SpaceX began testing the F9R development test vehicle, an advanced prototype for the world’s first reusable rocket. A commercial version of this rapidly reusable space launch vehicle could reduce the cost of reaching Earth orbit by one hundredfold, according to SpaceX.


Space program

Tools made by Seco have been used in the development of the rocket thruster-nozzles. Seco produces a range of products aimed at the space and aerospace industries.


The introduction of Seco Tools’ new MS2050 insert grade allows for a whole new level of productivity. When machining aerospace parts in titanium, MS2050 will extend tool life by 40 to 60 percent compared with conventional inserts across the same cutting parameters.

MS2050 milling

Perfect for square shoulder milling, face milling, copy milling and high feed milling in titanium applications, the grade MS2050 features a new coating technique and substrate, optimised for
difficult situations.

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