Tools of the Trade: Square/Helical T4-12

Big is beautiful. Seco Tools is expanding its Square/Helical T4 range with a variety of larger insert sizes. The new T4-12 is a 90-degree cutter for both slotting and contouring applications. It can be used in both square shoulder milling and helical milling, where a larger depth of cut is needed.

Large contact areas in the T4-12’s pocket seat allow for reliable insert mounting, meaning the cutter delivers increased productivity and more reliable machining. The ease of the mounting process means inserts can be positioned correctly, ensuring good surface quality.

Inserts are available in a range of different cutting grades developed for different materials, with peak performance in steel and cast iron. The inserts are also suited for stainless steel, hardened materials, high-temperature alloys, and nonferrous materials. The T4-12 is suitable for industry segments such as general engineering, automotive, aerospace and power.


Cutter dimensions range from diameter 25 – 125mm, with a corresponding imperial range from diameter 1 – 5”.

Cutters are available for different shanks and for shell end mill mounts, with two different pitch versions available.

Read more about the square/helical T4-12 at secotools.com

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